Hot-selling indoor hydroponic full spectrum cob led grow light


  • 全譜:太陽全譜,波長420nm -800nm的植物生長
  • 高PAR值:COB 100W * 4 PCS,實際功率超過250W,12750 lms,2200 umol @ 30 M -Footprint 75 * 75 cm。
  • 散熱系統:良好的冷卻風扇和散熱器,每個散熱器內都有一個溫度檢測器, 一旦散熱器溫度達到75℃,燈將自動關閉,一旦溫度降到70℃,燈將自動開啟,以確保其使用壽命。
  • 可選 遙控器/WIFI控製,任意調解亮度和切換頻譜




  • Full spectrum: Sun Full spectrum, including all useful wavelength 420nm -800nm for plant growth, user proved high yielding!
  • High PAR Value: COB 100W*4 PCS, actual power over 250W, 12750 lms, 2200 umol@30 M -Footprint 75*75 cm.
  • Good heat dissipation system : each head have relevant cooling fan &Al radiator, moreover, there is a temp detector inside each radiator, once temp on radiator reaches 75℃, the light will turn off automatically and will turn on once temp down to 70 ℃ to ensure light long work lifespan.
  • Remote control and WIFI control version optional can effect to brightness dimmable and spectrum changeable

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