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MYTH OF 420 AISA 「東方迷幻故事」

Updated: Apr 11, 2023


When Shennong tasted cannabis on the land of ancient China, he discovered that "long-term use can communicate with the gods"; at the same time,Shiva also came down from the Himalayas in ancient India, bringing yoga and cannabis to people. In the ancient times that date back further than recorded history, the natural occurrence of herb healing in the Orient has already existed.

到了文明現代,一直療愈著自然和人們的植物變成了非法,藥品因利益被污名為毒品。為了修正這一荒謬,東方迷幻團體開始聯盟。「亞細亞肆貳零聯合」ASIA 420 UNITED發起的目的是為了集合亞洲420品牌/創作者/愛好者的聲量,探索和科普植物的藥用和精神療愈價值,並學習去中心化的治理模式,傳遞我們為亞洲醫療大麻合法化而努力的願景。

In modern civilization, the plants that have been healing nature and people have become illegal, and medicines have been stigmatized as drugs for profit. In order to rectify this absurdity, Oriental psychedelic groups have begun to form alliances. The purpose of "Asia 420 United" is to gather the voice of Asian 420 brands/creators/enthusiasts, explore and promote the medicinal and spiritual healing values of plants, learn decentralized governance models, and convey our vision of striving for the legalization of medical cannabis in Asia.

所有的願望都凝聚在麻紙裡,希望它們能傳遞綠色能量,陪伴Tripper的旅途、成長、探險、分享知識和自由。這次為大家帶來的是第二期的Rolling Paper:


All our wishes are condensed in the rolling paper, hoping that they can carry the green energy, accompany Tripper's journey, growth, exploration, knowledge sharing, and freedom.

The theme of this issue is " MYTH OF 420 AISA ", following the Oriental legends of Shennong, Shiva, Hanuman, Magu, and the Shinto's "power of ganja."



In Korea, there is worship for their own East Asian maryjane goddess, Magu. She originally came from Chinese Taoism but transformed into a creation goddess in Korea. Magu created the universe, the sun, moon, mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, and humans. Her youth and charm symbolize the health and healing of the universe, making her the guardian of vitality in the entire East Asian region. Magu helps and heals people, especially the sick and the poor. Cannabis is her magical herb, and in ancient East Asia, it was considered a sacred plant that symbolized the "elixir of life."



In Japan, cannabis is a representative of natural harmony and purity. There is a belief in Shinto, a religion that reveres and worships all things in the world as gods. "The Way of the Gods" is the original faith of the Yamato people, which emphasizes the concept of natural harmony and purity. The clothing and tools waved by Shinto priests are made of cannabis, because people believe that cannabis is related to purity and has the power to ward off evil. One of the main rituals in Shinto is called “taima”, and most shrines use cannabis cloth, ropes, and fibers.



The Shen Nong tribe was an ancient Chinese clan, and the Yan Emperor, representing "fire", was also a member of the Shen Nong clan. The Shen Nong tribe tasted various herbs to treat others and distinguish their medicinal uses and toxicity. According to "Records of the Grand Historian: Supplement to the Annals of the Three Sovereigns," "Shen Nong began tasting the hundred herbs, and the use of medicine began." It was during this process that the therapeutic effects of cannabis were discovered and recorded in the "Shen Nong's Classic of Materia Medica": "It is effective for the five strains, seven injuries, benefits the five internal organs, promotes blood flow, dispels cold and dampness. Overuse can cause seeing ghosts and running crazily. With prolonged use, it can communicate with the deities, and the body becomes light." This is also the world's first ancient book to record cannabis.




In India, the history of cannabis dates back to the god Shiva. According to legend, Shiva came down from the mountain and brought yoga and cannabis to the people. Local practitioners and yogis use cannabis as an aid for spiritual exploration. The book "Plants of the Gods" also mentions cannabis as one of the offerings presented to Shiva. During the Shiva festival, devotees can also drink Bhang, a cannabis-infused yogurt.

In the Hindu sacred text, the Atharva Veda, one of the four Vedas, cannabis is referred to as one of the five most sacred plants on earth. The book also calls it the "source of happiness" and the "liberator."


到了泰國,寺廟門口都鎮守著神猴哈奴曼。在超過一百多年的暹羅壁畫上,繪製著哈奴曼用Bamboo Bong抽麻。


In Thailand, the entrance of temples is guarded by the monkey god Hanuman. In Siamese murals that are over a century old, Hanuman is depicted smoking marijuana from a Bamboo Bong.

Hanuman comes from the Sanskrit epic "Ramayana," where he is the commander of the army and assists Prince Rama in rescuing his wife Sita from his enemies. In Thailand's 420 art scene, the monkey god is a popular figure and also serves as a guardian of Asia's 420 culture to prevent it from being stigmatized.

這次聯合的品牌來自亞洲各國(The joint brand comes from various Asian countries ),有泰國本地的(including Thai brand such as):CHANNEL WEED THAILAND、HIGHLAND 、SUKHUMWEED 、 HIGH SOCIETY THAILAND 、NO MANS LAND、 HYBRID 、BONG PARTY; 來自台灣的(Brands from Taiwan including):HACKEN07、綠色浪潮;來自日本的(Brands from Taiwan including:) GOJA 和PUFFPUFFPASS ;來自印度的(and from India there is )SLIMJIM INDIA 以及其他亞洲迷幻聯盟(And other member of the Asian 420 United include ):ROYAL QUEEN SEEDS、HIGH3NBERG 、 FLYING TIGER 、MAVOIX 、CLOUD、 SOUTH GARDEN、BESTBUDS和宇宙護航員WIZMAN。

任誰看了都愛不釋手的插畫設計來自MR.RIN ,藝術家出生於日本東京,從2008年開始設計手寫插圖。從自己喜歡的音樂、運動、時尚裡找到靈感並開始製作,包括了很多黑人音樂(HIPHOP, SOUL, FUNK, REGGAE)的CD封面和海報。

The captivating visual design that everyone loves is from MR.RIN, an artist born in Tokyo, Japan. He started designing hand-drawn illustrations in 2008, drawing inspiration from his favorite music, sports, and fashion, including many CD covers and posters for black music genres such as hip-hop, soul, funk, and reggae.


We chose to release in Thailand not only because it is the only place in Asia where marijuana is legalized. But also Thailand itself is a very suitable place for tripping and travel exploration.

Riding motorcycles, watching sunsets at the beach, island parties, jungle camping, temple tripping... In Thailand, there are incredible natural scenery and a diverse and inclusive culture with many cultural communities that appreciate each other without interfering, like jumping between parallel universes. Experience the feeling of safe and legal flying in a place, trust me, free to breathe and call for grass, this is purely a body-mind and natural resonance experience.


Thai cannabis enthusiasts have their own unique 420 culture, such as chopping flowers on a cutting board with a kitchen knife, and creating organic bongs using coconut shells and bamboo. Life here is far removed from the shadows of war and urban woes, and visitors can truly experience the laid-back and comfortable sabaidi (relaxed) lifestyle .


煙紙依然和第一期一樣,材質是混麻漿慢燃紙。All in one的設計大受機友和遊客們的歡迎,因此也延續下來。方便航天員們在各種場景起飛,無論是山頂、海邊、溫泉還是派對的角落。


Even Godzilla doesn't want to be angry anymore, couldn't resist running to Northern Thailand for a puff from a coconut bong, soak in hot springs, admire waterfalls, and listen to reggae music; float down the canal market on a boat; go to tropical islands for parties....

The rolling papers are still the same as the first edition, made of slow-burning mixed hemp pulp paper. The all-in-one design is well-received by both local stoners and tourists, and has continued to be popular. It's convenient for space travelers to take off in various scenes, whether it's on a mountain top, by the beach, in hot springs, or in a corner of a party.

With a wandering heart, the rolling papers can roll as far as you want, whether it's climbing mountains, going to the sea, or flying high in the sky.

Asia 420 United Rolling Paper All In One Design & Slow burn

• King size slim 107*44 mm • 15 packs per box • 32 Leaves + 32 Tips per pack • Translucent Ultra Thin rolling paper • All natural, additive-free • Paper+Filter tips+Tray+Grinder


期待未來更多的Tripper加入,愛護和建設共同的GreenPlanet,LOVE & PEACE!


Riding a motorcycle with loved friends through the mountains, the sunlight filters through the leaves and casts dappled shadows on the road. As you round a bend, you spot a massive stone Buddha statue nestled in the hillside, serene and watching over you. It's moments like these that make you want to stop and roll one up, taking in the panoramic view of the rolling clouds and feeling the natural energy of the present moment.

We look forward to welcoming more trippers to join us in caring and building a greener planet, with peace and love.

Let's grow together with Thailand's legalization process :)


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