We are a comic team from HongKong Started in 2013.We released  ‘WIZMAN ’ , a story illustrating the battles among drug heroes on an illusional land. WIZMAN series is serialized for three years, with 60 volumes in total and a MV featuring a famous Chinese 8-BIT musician.


Our scientific attitude with creative designs soon helps us gained our reputation and hundred thousand of solid supporters via WeChat, while still remains our secrecy (referral system). Wizman now has been educating the Chinese stoners for proper use of cannabis over 3 years. We are proud to be the first one who introduces the concepts of modern strains, medical usage and different forms of cannabis to the Chinese underground users. 


 We believe that WIZMAN will soon become THE mirror of China’s 420 culture.



 We look forward to your kind support, useful advice, and co-operation.And a green and peaceful Repost from you will be sincerely appreciated.









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