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About US:


WIZMAN TEAM最初以漫畫&設計工作室成立於2015年,同時運營非盈利420文化線上媒體,更新超過近千篇科普、音樂、文化、技術等420相關的文章報道。


2022年,WIZMAN LIMITED在泰國發展分部,投入420藥用產業,將發展線上自治社區和線下交流據點,連接傳播東方綠色文化的所有支持者們。


Originally the protagonist of the eponymous "WIZMAN" comic—now he’s the frontman for the WIZMAN Team!


WIZMAN TEAM was originally established in 2015 as a graphic art & design studio. It simultaneously operates a non-profit 420 cultural online media group and has continued to publish hundreds of 420 related articles and reports on popular science, music, culture, technology, etc.


In 2017, the WIZMAN brand began to publish 420-related peripheral products, including dry herb vaporizers, rolling papers, apparel, toys and other high-quality products of more than 40 SKUs to support online media and offline activities.


In 2022, WIZMAN LIMITED will develop a branch in Thailand and devote itself to the legal medicinal 420 industry; it will also continue to develop an online community and an offline exchange base to connect all supporters of the oriental green culture.



 We look forward to your kind support, useful advice, and co-operation.And a green and peaceful Repost from you will be sincerely appreciated.







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